About Us

Gaming Snow is a blog, providing the best-detailed information about PC equipment. It helps both professionals and gamers in the selection of the best PC products. When someone spends a huge budget on a product he must be aware of all the aspects of it. Faraz Ahmad has created this blog to educate people having interested in purchasing PC components. We all know most of the online reviews are paid which makes it difficult to know about the actual product.

That is the actual idea behind creating this blog. Faraz is passionate about gaming PCs components and other Tech Gadgets. So he will provide you with all the important details before selecting any of the products. This way you will be aware of fake reviews and by reading about a product on this blog you will be confident in purchasing products like motherboard, keyboard, RAM, or Graphics cards.   

On this platform Gaming Snow before publishing or providing a review about a product, we run different tests on it. All these tests under different conditions are made to provide you with actual and honest reviews about a specific product. We want to equip you with all the relevant information before you made a mind to buy a Processor, a Mouse, or anything else. Everyone knows where to go before buying a product so we make sure to provide you with our best.

About Faraz Ahmad:

Faraz Ahmad is an entrepreneur, gamer and PC-enthusiast, and mastermind behind Gaming Snow. He is always in a race to learn more about the latest PCs and their components. By using this blog his aim is to help others in selections of PC components with quality reviews.

That is what he is working with his professional team to improve the reviews for every single product. So that no one is confused in knowing about any new product available in the market.